1. New Fifa 15 trailer for XBox 

    Looks good to us! 


  2. fastcompany:


    From lewd to cute, the “Airbnb Logos” Tumblr compiles all the images that the company’s recently relaunched and controversial logo resembles.

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  3. What is Cloud Storage?

  4. We’re an efficient lot in the Nova Office

  5. fastcompany:

    Wander The Streets Of South Park With Oculus Rift

    Ever want to walk down the streets of South Park, maybe bump into Terrance and Phillip?


    This new digital experience created by Tool of North America makes that possible in Oculus Rift.

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  6. fastcompany:

    The ability to measure the reach of video loops signals Vine could become a platform for advertisers.

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  8. Today is #UFODay! Share & tell us what’s your favourite Alien film? 

    It has to be Independence Day right?

  9. Lets face it, Facebook App Invites are the mosquitos of the Internet.

    So to help celebrate Social Media Day we thought we would share two of our favourite tips for Facebook and Twitter one being how to block Apps like Candy Crush.

    You can thank us later! 


  10. mashablehq:

    Social Media Day welcomes the world to sit back for a moment and reflect on the widespread changes social media and the digital revolution have provided us.

    This year, Mashable commemorated this special day with friends, coworkers and guests at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn. How did you celebrate? 

    Images: Casey Kelbaugh